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Frequently Asked Questions


Do you provide tables and cases to display?

We do. We will bring in our own display cases and tables. However, we may also use furniture items, countertops and cabinets to display everything as well. 

What areas do you service?

We are licensed in North Carolina and South Carolina. 

What other services do you provide?

In conjunction to our Estate Sale Service, we also offer:  

Full clean out services

Auctions, both live and online

Estate and Personal Property Buyouts

Should I donate or throw away anything before the sale?

Aside from food products, we will do our best to sell all the items in the home. In some cases, there are items left over. We work with several non-profit groups and food banks. We can arrange those services for you. 

How do I prepare for a sale?

We will coordinate a time to meet you on site and evaluate the items within the estate and determine the best approach for the liquidation. It's best if everything that isn't to be sold has already been removed from the estate. If not, they need to be clearly identified or separated if possible. Any personal documents, family photos etc. should also be removed. In the event that we come across such items during our setup we will keep those items secure.

How much do you charge?

The initial estate evaluation is free of charge. Our commission rate is 35% and others fees vary depending on the size of the estate and other services selected. .